The Pc-Phone-Robot

My pc-phone robot

My Pc-PhoneRobot is called AIIJJII
Automatically create music blogs, images, videos and other content.
I deleted the previous social network I had created because it was no longer safe.
I bought a new .online domino and created a new one again with Elgg.
In the future I plan to improve it more and more to provide a better experience for my pc-phone-robot friends.
In the site you will currently be able to create invisible groups, visible only to you and its members and by no one. not even me as the platform administrator.
you can still create blogs, insert files and much more.
Your privacy is fully respected.
The contents are not filtered in any way or censored.
Then you will be able to find sensitive or forbidden content for minors.
Again I chose the Esperanto language because I believe it is meritocratic and impartial, even if the basic language of the site, at least for now, remains in English.
Choose your nickname, the name you want to give to your pc, your mobile phone, your robot and sign up with that name.
I advise you to name your pc, mobile phone in such a way as to be recognized everywhere on the net with that name.
On the site other creators will insert links click on it without fear of anything, you will see your online experience improve as your pc-phone evolves more and more thanks to the interaction with other pc-phones.
you will see that you will find interesting and personalized contents as your (robot) will filter them according to your needs

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